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March 19 2019

Lumion 9.3 is available now

Discover how Lumion can enhance the real-time rendering experience with improvements to LiveSync, now available for Vectorworks 2019 SP3.


Lumion 9.3 was released today as a free upgrade for Lumion 9 users. It builds on the stunning capability of Lumion 9 to produce beautiful renders with ease and speed unparalleled by any architectural software.

Lumion 9.3 also creates a smoother real-time rendering experience with improvements to the LiveSync functionality, compatible with Revit, SketchUp, ArchiCAD, Rhino and, now, Vectorworks. 

And with the ability to immediately fit right into your current workflow, this version can open the door to a more productive, more enjoyable design and visualization experience. 

February 22 2019

Sensing architecture: new materials in Lumion 9 Pro

With 112 new materials available in Lumion 9 Pro, including the customizable 3D grass and the new furry materials, you can quickly add photorealistic textures to heighten the realism of your designs.

Materials are the backbone of any beautiful render. They can make the difference between a flat, 2D-looking structure and a standout visual where audiences can see your design and say, “I can see and feel exactly what this building will look like!”


Grass, pavement and other external materials can equip audiences with familiar features so they can better understand your project.

Materials can move your audience from simply looking at your designs to sensing them. The feeling of being at home provides a whole new level of sensorial experience. Your audience will feel the warmth of the wood, they will hear the echo of shoes on tile, and their senses will be able to grasp any of the details of your render.

January 28 2019

Design it live: How Lumion 9 and Rhino 6 take real-time rendering to new heights

LiveSync is one of Lumion’s most popular and celebrated features. Now, in Lumion 9, Rhino users can also take advantage of simultaneous modeling and rendering, seeing their designs in the context of Lumion’s stunning, real-world editor.


Architecture is anything but a linear process.

It’s pretty rare that an architect will sketch a design, build a 3D model, render some images and get the client, all in that specific order. More likely, the architect will sketch, start building a 3D model, discover some problems in the model, return to sketching, try a few renderings, go back to the model, render some more, get feedback from client, iterate the model again, create some more renderings, present to the client, etc.

Now, with LiveSync for Rhino available in Lumion 9, all Rhino users can bring modeling and rendering into the same screen space, providing a clear, real-time view of your design in the context of the real world.

Activate the LiveSync for Rhino plugin and you can instantly heighten your workflow efficiency when adapting the design. Moreover, you’ll be able to make more informed design decisions during internal reviews, and you’ll be delivering impressive, polished client presentations in no time.

In this blog post, we’ll go through the basics of LiveSync for Rhino, from showing you how to download and install the plugin, to providing some camera and usage tips. Let’s dig in!

January 8 2019

Go from a 3D model to a beautiful render in under 30 minutes

Only have 30 minutes before your renders are due? From the unique lean scene-building workflow to the assortment of one-click features and effects, Lumion 9 can help you communicate the beauty of your designs faster than any other 3D rendering program out there.


Not everything goes to plan, and when deadlines are sprung upon you, seemingly out of nowhere, it can be helpful to have the right tools.

For instance, imagine you’ve spent the past few weeks designing a new-build house for a meticulous client. You’ve finished all of the basic architectural drawings and you built a 3D model in SketchUp. But then, the senior architect comes up to you (her face is pale and you know something is troubling her) and exclaims, “The client just called and he will be here in 30 minutes. We need one decent render, ASAP!”

One option is to simply collapse like a marionette without strings, repeating “I give up…” Or, with the help of a 3D rendering tool like Lumion 9, you can sit back, relax and say, “Sounds good boss!”

December 10 2018

10 amazing new video tutorials for better, faster rendering in Lumion 9 (part 2)

To access the first five videos of the 10-part Lumion 9 tutorial series, including rendering lessons about objects, materials, context and weather, make sure to check out Part 1.

Lesson 6 — Creating Images

Lesson 6 demonstrates how to create absolutely breathtaking images in Photo Mode. Whether realistic or conceptual, creating amazing images of your 3D project requires just a few steps and can be done in minutes!

Lesson 7 — Creating Movies

Ever wanted to sit in the director’s chair? In Lesson 7, you’ll learn how quick and easy it is to create cinematic, fully amazing animations. Capture the hearts and minds of your audience, and discover the impact that animated renders can have on your clients!

Lesson 8 — Creating 360 Panoramic Images

Immerse yourself into the beauty of your 3D projects. In Lesson 8, you’ll learn how to create outstanding panoramic images right in Lumion. Whether for the Oculus Go, HTC Vive, you can quickly create 360° images and transport your clients to the heart of your designs.

Lesson 9 — Using Lights

Shadows, Hyperlight, Sky Light, oh my! In Lesson 9, you’ll learn how to quickly create light objects and use lighting features and effects to capture the real beauty of your 3D project.

Lesson 10 — Animating Objects

Truly bring some life and energy into your Lumion 9 videos! In Lesson 10, you’ll discover how to animate objects in your Lumion scene, including cars, people, birds, the sun, doors opening, and clouds.

Capture the beauty of your design, without losing a second of your time

With the right guidance, mastering Lumion doesn’t require too much time, and these 10 lessons can be applied to whatever project you might be working on, from residential to interiors to landscapes and more.

Looking to add Lumion 9 to your architectural and design workflows? If so, you can upgrade to Lumion 9 or buy a new license here.