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October 2 2017

Lumion 8 is Coming Soon.

This render was made entirely in Lumion 8. 


Buy Lumion Now, Upgrade to Lumion 8 for Free

If you buy a new Lumion license starting from October 1st, 2017, you’ll receive a free upgrade to Lumion 8, when it becomes available.

You can find more information on new purchases and upgrade options here.

September 25 2017

How to Render Video Frame Ranges: Advanced Lumion Tutorial

Another tutorial from avid Lumion user Chris Welton aimed at Lumion users looking for advanced tips and tricks, to improve their skills and further optimize their workflow.

In this tutorial, Chris demonstrates the value of rendering out specific frame ranges and he shows how easy this is to achieve in Lumion.

Rendering frame ranges can help make your life a lot easier when creating animations, and remember:

The Range function lets you render a clip or movie as an image sequence:

Save Movie (or Create movie from clip) -> Images tab -> Frame range-> Custom -> Range

You can also learn more about animation rendering settings here.

September 18 2017

How to Render a Beautiful Scene: Part 2 - Stylish Conference Room

In the last step-by-step post, you were able to gain some insight into rendering a beautiful living room. You found some info on lighting, editing materials and adding effects, and there were heaps of cool images and gifs.

For Part 2, we’re remaining indoors with a step-by-step guide showing the rendering process of this stylish conference room.


So, how did we optimize this render? 

September 4 2017

How to Render a Beautiful Scene: Part 1 - Interior Living Room

Rendering interiors and exteriors isn’t always a linear process. Even with a well-designed, furnished and textured model, you may still face numerous rendering considerations, from the scene’s lighting strategy to its object arrangement and material customization.

In this first edition of our three-part series, “How to Render a Beautiful Scene,” we’re breaking down the rendering process and workflow for a stylish interior living room (below). The process outlined here is not meant to be definitive, but we hope it provides some insight into how you can render more beautiful, and effective, interiors.


Whether through your lighting strategy, an effects stack or customized material settings, making a true-to-life render has countless benefits. And although you may be focusing on showing the function and form of your designs, a beautiful render can affect your audience’s feelings of well-being, mood, comfort and motivation. It influences how they perceive all the other elements of your scene.

August 29 2017

Joze Plecnik’s Unrealized Cathedral of Freedom

Architectural rendering is unique in that it allows non-existent buildings to take both form and beauty.

The following video by Kristijan Tavcar, owner of Miragedereve, is a spectacular example of how 3D architectural rendering can breathe life into the unrealized works of the world’s most influential architects. So, without further adieu, here is the “Cathedral of Freedom / Hommage to Jože Plečnik.”