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February 16 2017

Polished Renders using Lumion Effects

Applying effects to your renders is nothing short of essential. Effects make the difference between a sterile, unemotive render and one which knocks the socks off the onlooker. 

Adding effects can take a while because if you’re a perfectionist, you might like to tweak sliders until the materials, colors, reflections, shadows and everything else look perfect. Chris Welton has pulled together a really useful tutorial, which can help you get faster at applying effects by saving them and re-applying them. He shows you how to fit this into the way you build and manage your scenes with some seriously useful time-saving tips.

Above: Butterfly House Rendering: Produced by Chris Welton based on Larry Belk’s design

He made the beautiful animation above, based on a design by Larry Belk called “The Butterfly House” and explains in the tutorial below some of the effects he used and how he applied them. 

Above: Mastering Scene Management Tutorial by Chris Welton

January 27 2017

Step-by-step guide to making this striking render in Lumion 7


Above: Render made in Lumion 7

Find out how to transform a plain-looking 3D model into the impressive render shown above using only Lumion. Step-by-step this blog takes you through the process of creating something magical starting with importing your model right up to rendering it.

January 20 2017

Butterfly House Project

Take a look at this impressive luxury residential project called the Butterfly House. Designed by Larry Belk, modeled by Saul Hansen at Inceptus Studios and rendered by Chris Welton, using Lumion. This atmospheric animation makes excellent use of the Lumion effects, water, trees, plants and grass.  

January 19 2017

Spanish Architects talk about their work and Lumion

If you like to use the Spanish language, take a look at these four interviews with influential Spain-based Architects and BIM Managers, from successful architectural firms. They talk about Lumion and how it has helped to fundamentally improve their Architectural work processes.

Above:  María Pascual, BIM Manager de C95 Creative

Above: Daniel Criado, BIM Manager at Grupo Comsa

Above: Santiago Cifuentes, Architectural Director at Cifuentes Costales Arquitectura

Above:  Jose Corraliza, Visualization Manager and Christian Robles, Architect at AECOM

January 12 2017

Ivy, Leaves and Climbing Plants in Lumion 7

Anyone who’s worked in 3D visualization will know how difficult it is to get realistic looking climbing plants, or ivy that clings to surfaces like walls or fences.

Lumion specializes in making tough stuff easy and the solution for adding climbing plants and leafy materials in Lumion 7 is super-simple and effective. Look at the climbing plant on the walls in the image below. Also check out the pyramid-like bushes. These were all created with just a few mouse clicks. This short blog explains how to do things like this in Lumion 7.


Above: Example of the kind of effect you can create using the foliage functionality in Lumon 7.

The tutorial below shows you how to apply leaves and adjust the leaf type, size, spread and spread pattern.